Intellectual Property Law is divided into two subgroups under the title of industrial rights and intellectual rights. These rights, gathered under the title of Industrial Rights, are trademarks, patents, designs, utility models and geographical indications. As a competent lawYer in this field, I provides services in the field of industrial rights as a trademark attorney and patent attorney throughout Turkey. I can  take all necessary actions, especially the registration and objection processes of trademarks and designs, before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

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          To briefly mention industrial rights, these rights have gained a lot of importance in an increasingly competitive environment. Many people try to protect these rights within the scope of registration and obtain various legal opportunities. At the first stage, the work of those who protect these rights by registration is not completely finished; If they identify third parties who use these rights unfairly, they are required to file a number of lawsuits against these people with the support of a trademark patent attorney or an expert lawyer known as a trademark attorney for the full establishment of their rights.

What is Brand?

        Words, shapes, colors, letters, numbers, sounds, and the use of words,  numbers, sounds and goods or packaging, including personal names, provided that the goods or services of one undertaking are distinguishable from those of other undertakings and can be shown in the registry in a way that enables the subject of the protection provided to the trademark owner to be clearly and unequivocally understood. They are ‘facts’ consisting of all kinds of signs, including the form of As stated in the law, trademarks can sometimes consist of a word or even a shape, and even a sound can be protected as a trademark, provided that it can be transferred to notes.

            Especially as a result of the registration of a trademark, many people apply to a trademark lawyer due to the problems experienced in the future. In this field, imitation brand production, sale and so on. Trademark infringement is one of the most common problems. These actions, which are called trademark infringement, are a crime and at the same time, the trademark owner has the right to file a compensation lawsuit against these people, so trademark owners often resort to this method with the help of a trademark lawyer. Click here to view our detailed article on trademark infringement cases.

What is Design?

        The design is also within the scope of the Industrial Property Law; It is defined as “the appearance of all or part of the product or the ornament on it resulting from features such as line, shape, form, color, material or surface texture”. Facts that meet the other conditions in the law can be registered as designs and these rights protect the owner against acts of infringement by third parties. Click here to review our more detailed article on the rights that a registered design provides to its owner.

    Again in the new law, legal protection opportunities have been introduced for unregistered designs in line with certain conditions.

What is a Patent and a Utility Model?

          The industrial property right that shows who owns this invention by protecting the facts that are new, applicable to the industry and containing the inventive step is called a patent. Although the utility model includes a similar definition as a patent, there are some differences between the patent and the protection period and the application process. Necessary legal support can be obtained from patent and trademark lawyers or their attorneys at the registration stage.

What is Geographical Indication?

           They are the signs that show the product identified with a region, area, region or country where its origin is located in terms of its distinctive feature, reputation or other characteristics. It is divided into two as the name of origin and the place of origin.