Expert Legal Services for Foreign Nationals

Are you in need of legal assistance related to Foreigners Law or Citizenship Law? Look no further; I am your dedicated Deportation lawyer, offering a wide array of services to meet your legal needs in Turkey.

Here are the services I provide in the field of Foreigners Law

Deportation Legal Assistance

As a specialized Deportation lawyer, I offer expert guidance and legal consulting services to address all your deportation-related concerns.

Rights Protection

In situations where the rights of foreigners living in Turkey are violated, I promptly initiate the necessary legal actions, guiding you through the entire litigation process until a resolution is reached.

Property Acquisition

Ensure a smooth property acquisition process in compliance with Turkish legal regulations. I provide comprehensive information and consultancy services regarding property ownership for foreigners in Turkey.

Marriage Procedures

Get assistance and guidance on marriage procedures for foreigners residing in Turkey, ensuring adherence to all legal regulations.

Divorce and Family Law Cases

Handling divorce and family law cases for foreign nationals living in Turkey. I oversee the entire litigation process, from case initiation to conclusion.

Hidden Rights Protection

Safeguard the concealed rights of foreigners living in Turkey that fall under international private law and agreements involving the Republic of Turkey. I initiate and conclude the necessary legal actions to protect these rights.

Recognition and Enforcement

For foreign court decisions, I provide support in the follow-up and successful conclusion of recognition and enforcement processes.

Services I Offer in Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Residence Permits

Facilitating the application process and following up with official authorities for residence permit acquisition for foreigners in Turkey.

Work Permits

Assist foreigners living in Turkey with obtaining work permits by navigating the application process and ensuring compliance with official requirements.

Extension of Residence Permits

Applying to official authorities for the extension of residence permits for foreigners in Turkey and managing the process efficiently.

Legal Consultation

Providing comprehensive legal information and consultancy services to foreigners about Turkish Law and legislation, ensuring clarity on rights and responsibilities.

Turkish Citizenship Applications

Assessing eligibility for Turkish citizenship acquisition based on legal criteria and managing the application process with official authorities when conditions are met.

Citizenship and Foreigners Law

Protecting Your Rights
Filing necessary lawsuits and guiding clients through the entire litigation process in cases involving violations of the rights of foreigners residing in Turkey.

Offering expert guidance and legal consultancy services, ensuring compliance with legal regulations for property acquisition by foreigners in Turkey.

Providing information and consultancy services within the framework of legal regulations regarding the marriage of foreigners living in Turkey.

Managing divorce and family law cases for foreigners residing in Turkey, overseeing the entire litigation process from inception to conclusion.

Initiating and concluding the necessary lawsuits to protect the concealed rights of foreigners living in Turkey, especially in cases governed by international private law and agreements involving the Republic of Turkey.

Let me provide the legal support and guidance you need. Whether it’s deportation concerns, property matters, family issues, or citizenship applications, I am here to assist you professionally and efficiently.