I am here to manage your law with experience

Born in France
Speaks French, Turkish, English, Spanish

Professional Experiences ( Briefly )

Attorney at Law ( Bursa )

Export and International Marketing Manager in Energy and Marble Field ( Turkey)

Project Leader in Automotive and Defence Industry ( Algeria )

Training Management Leader in Automotive Industry ( Turkey )

Academic –Foreign Language Department- Anadolu University ( Turkey)


Faculty of Law – Yalova University ( Turkey)

Master in International Relations- Strasbourg University ( France)

Faculty of French Teaching Branch – Marmara University ( Istanbul -Turkey)

Medical School – Paris 12 University ( Left) ( France)

Lycée Catholique Notre Dames des Missions St-Pierre ( France)

French Baccalaureate ( Mathematics and Sciences)

Let me manage your law
in the best way with my experience

Analyzing The Case

By thoroughly examining the legal case file, an attorney can identify its strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to defend their client effectively.

Taking Steps Forward

Attorneys progress by taking strategic steps to protect their clients' rights and ensure a favorable outcome for the case.

Court Of Law Success

Attorneys strive for successful court outcomes through comprehensive preparation and effective defense strategies.