Analyzing The Case

By thoroughly examining the legal case file, an attorney can identify its strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to defend their client effectively.

Taking Steps Forward

Attorneys progress by taking strategic steps to protect their clients' rights and ensure a favorable outcome for the case.

Court Of Law Success

Attorneys strive for successful court outcomes through comprehensive preparation and effective defense strategies.

About Me

I am here to manage
your legal matters with my experience

I am committed to dealing with all kinds of legal problems with my experience.
I was born in France, I speak French, Turkish, English and Spanish fluently.


Attorney at Law ( Bursa )

Export and international Marketing Manager in Energy and  Marble Field ( Turkey)

Project Leader in Automotive and Defence Industry ( Algeria )

Training Management Leader in Automotiv Industry ( Turkey )

Academic –Foreign Language Department- Anadolu University ( Turkey)


Faculty of Law – Yalova University  ( Turkey)

Master in International Relations- Strasbourg University  ( France)

Faculty of French Teaching Branch – Marmara University ( İstanbul -Turkey)

Medical School – Paris 12 University ( Left) ( France)

Lycée Catholique Notre Dames des Missions St-Pierre ( France)

French Baccalaureate ( Mathematics and Sciences)



My Services

I'm here for you

I confront a variety of challenges head-on, drawing on my rich experience to effectively solve complex problems.

Deportation and Immigration Law

If you’re facing deportation, our professional deportation lawyers are here to provide expert legal assistance. We specialize in deportation cases and offer invaluable guidance throughout your deportation proceedings under the Foreigners and International Protection Law

Law Of Foreigners

Are you in need of legal assistance related to Foreigners Law or Citizenship Law? Look no further; I am your dedicated Deportation lawyer, offering a wide array of services to meet your legal needs in Turkey.

Business Law

I specialize in delivering customized solutions to ensure your company not only complies with legal standards but also maximizes its potential in an ever-evolving business and social security environment

Real Estate Law

Land Transactions: Expert guidance on all aspects of land transactions. Rental Agreements: Crafting legally sound and secure rental agreements...

Criminal Law

My firm is your trusted partner in all matters related to Criminal Law, offering a wide range of attorneyship and consultancy services that cover every phase, from initial investigations to final execution.

Family Law

I prioritize meeting our clients; needs in family and personal law matters, providing tailored solutions to address their specific demands.

One of a Kind
Personalized Attention

I prioritize personalized attention, ensuring each client receives tailored legal support that is truly one-of-a-kind

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    Discuss your legal issue with me for personalized guidance and effective solutions

  • One of
    a Kind

    I am committed to providing individualized legal services, ensuring each client receives tailored solutions crafted with care and expertise

  • Personalized

    As a solo practitioner, I dedicate myself to offering personalized attention to every client, ensuring their unique legal needs are understood and addressed with utmost care

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There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.

- Montesquieu -

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